Most people keep a CV or Resume on their website. It’s nice to have it in both html and pdf; the first for easy web viewing and the second for easy distribution. The problem is that maintaining two versions of your CV can be a pain. There are ways around this though. One method is to maintain a single master version in a markdown file and then convert that to pdf and html. There are lots of different implementations of this idea.

One alternative to going the markdown conversion route is to convert the pdf to html. The advantage of this is that it is rather trivial to keep the pdf and html versions in sync. It also means that the potentially more intricate stylings of the pdf version can be easily represented in html. The two downsides that I see to this method are that the html isn’t responsive and so doesn’t scale any better than pdf on a small screen, and that the html file is comparatively large. This doesn’t seem to matter too much for modern web browsers though, so I’ll probably stick with it for now.

Update: While I like to have HTML and PDF versions of my CV, I don’t any longer use the relatively “quick and dirty” method discussed here. For discussion of how I’m doing things now see this post.


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